Bart's Blazin' Q is a Gourmet BBQ Retail Store owned and operated by husband and wife team Dave and Deny Bart. Our store is located at First Street Business Park (behind Kelly Moore Paints), 3989 First Street, Suite C, Livermore, CA. We have been providing our clients with authentic BBQ with our catering, competing against our fellow BBQers since 2007 and are now selling BBQ smokers, charcoal, hardwoods, sauces, rubs and BBQ accessories.

Our BBQ sauce can be purchased online at in the condiments section.

Contact us at or (925) 292-5018.

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Winnie W.


Awesome BBQ catering!

Full disclosure, we've been long time friends of the owners Dave and Deny, but we hadn't actually had them cater a party for us until recently.

They were awesome! The menu included ribs, tri-tip, potato salad, spicy thai noodles, green salad, beans and corn bread. The meats were paired with their own bbq sauce, made from scratch.

Our party was at noon, so they came in at 10am to setup. Their BBQ trailer was parked in front of our house, filling the air with rich BBQ aroma. Yum!

Lunch went off without a hitch, and Dave and Deny not only made sure everyone was well fed and happy, but also found time to chat with our guests about the finer points of BBQ.

Everyone really loved the food, and at the end of the party, I could relax since Dave and Deny did such a good job of cleaning up everything. My husband and I could spend most of our time socializing, and we didn't need to worry about prepping the food.

If you're thinking of having them cater your party, any of the meats are superb. You really can't go wrong with any selection, but as for sides, my tip would be to break out the extra bucks to get the Blazin' Beans and pair it with a side of corn bread. They were sooo good. Nice and spicy. (I'm not a fan of overly sweet baked beans.)

Also, we started serving food shortly after guests arrived. It didn't occur to me that if your guests arrive an hour or 2 before the food is done, they get a chance to check out the BBQ trailer and the cooking process. Next time, we'll definitely do that.

Winnie W.
Castro Valley
Copied from Yelp Review

Julie Y.

Can you say MOUTH-WATERING??? That's just one way to describe the food we experienced with Bart's Blazin' Q! We had them cater our wedding this past weekend and we had people coming up to us all weekend saying it was the best BBQ they'd ever had.

The owners, Dave and Deny, were so accommodating to our needs and helped us build a menu that made every one of our guests happy. The marinated chicken breast was SO TENDER and their special tri-tip chili was to die for, we never had anything like it! Sundried tomato pasta, spicy asian pasta salad, pulled pork sandwiches, we had it all! Unfortunately as the bride, I didn't get to load up my plate as much as I'd like because I didn't want to pop out of my dress but if I could have, I would! You know the food is good when you see your guests going up for seconds and thirds.

They're the hardest working couple on the BBQ circuit, and they do it with graciousness and big smiles. I was checking out their website and brochure before we selected the menu and they've won lots of awards at BBQ competitions, no wonder! Thanks a million D&D, you helped make our day extra memorable!

Julie Y.
San Ramon
Copied from Yelp Review

Jodi B.

Holy Smokes this was some good Q!

Completely surpassed all expectations and my family can be a tough crowd!

Wanted to do Father's Day bbq, but give the guys a break...checked yelp and found Bart's Blazing Q. Not a restaurant, strictly catering...Owners Dave and Deny are a local family in Livermore. They do this on the side because Dave is a BBQ Master! They also cater for some winery events and enter oodles of bbq contests.

We had a small order (10 adults) but Dave said he'd accomodate us cuz they had other orders they were cooking for that weekend.
So figure 2 entrees and 3 sides for about $15 - 20 per person. Sounds like alot until you visualize what you actually end up spending on a big party or bbq...ok that's probably just me. i'm an "over doer".

We got chicken breasts, pulled pork, potato salad, pasta salad and Bart's famous beans and they threw in garlic bread! Dave and Deny personally showed up to deliver and set up the food! AND there was ALOT of food...could've easily fed 20!

Raves from all on the sides and you know how hard it is to find a really good potato salad! The pasta salad was super yummy!
The beans are worth the upgrade-everyone loved 'em. Even the garlic bread was perfect.

But the meat....ah...The Meat.....
Chicken Breasts were perfectly done, moist and smoky....
Pulled pork was served with a bottle of q sauce to go over but almost all of us loved it just plain. I wish I could add the smell to this review...
Mouth watering.

We were in bbq heaven... and the guys all said they have to up their game now that Dave has raised the bar and thrown down the gauntlet! BBQ envy...

Jodi B
Copied from Yelp Review

Dayna Phillips

We have used Bart's Blazin Q for our company picnic for the last 2 years. Their professionalism, presentation, and overall performace is outstanding. They were ready and set up on-time and went above and beyond to accomodate our function. Their food is mouth watering and kept our employees coming back for seconds and thirds. We look forward to future events working with Dave and Deny! ~ Mission City Rebar, Inc.

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